Choose Romance, Not Logistics

Choose Romance, Not Logistics

Can an online booking engine understand the feeling of holding hands as you watch the sunset in Riviera Maya?

Can an online booking engine understand the feeling of the warm waters of a St. Lucian beach lapping over your toes as you say “I do”?

Can an online booking engine tell you exactly which resport in the Caribbean has that perfect gazebo that you see in your mind’s eye when you picture your destination wedding?

The Romance Journeys staff can do all of those things. That’s why you won’t find a booking engine here or a shopping cart. Every destination wedding, every honeymoon, and every romantic vacation that we plan is custom tailored for you, based on your heart’s desire.

Romance Journeys also understand that nothing kills the romantic mood like stress. So we do the worrying, the fretting, and the planning for you. You’ll never have to wait on hold with an airline, negotiate for an upgrade, or find your own wedding planner in Mexico. You won’t have to chase down Aunt Sue or Uncle Bob to finalize those reservations.

With Romance Journeys, you only have to decide what you want and then enjoy it.

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