Honeymoon Planning Dos and Don’ts

Honeymoon Planning Dos and Don’ts

Sure, wedding planning is stressful. That’s just one more reason to plan your honeymoon carefully. And sure, honeymoon planning is often designated as the duty of the groom. But two people are going on a honeymoon, not one. A little sensible planning means you will have a relaxing and romantic honeymoon that both bride and groom will enjoy. Here are the top 5 honeymoon planning dos and don’ts from the Honeymoon Specialists at Romance Journeys.


Allow Your Relatives to Plan to Your Honeymoon

Too often we encounter brides and grooms who allow their parents or great aunts to do the honeymoon planning because this family member has offered to pay for the honeymoon. We know you love your Dad, but do you wear the same style of clothes, listen to the same music, and do the same things for fun as your Dad? Probably not.


Recognize Your Family Members Aren’t Living Your Lifestyle

Take control of your honeymoon planning. If a relative offers your honeymoon as a gift, first thank them profusely and then set a budget. Consult with a Romance Journeys Honeymoon Speacialist and decided what’s right for you. Take control of your own honeymoon planning. We can send the bill anywhere you’d like.

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