Honeymoon in Alaska at Saltery Lodge

Saltery Lodge is the ideal place for your Alaska Honeymoon. They offer a private, exclusive resort experience that is a perfect way to celebrate your wedding. You will have a laid back and relaxed Alaska honeymoon experience while being pampered in rustic luxury. One of the most striking features of the lodge is its 1,000 sq ft, three level master suite. You and your spouse can have full access to the Alaska honeymoon suite, including a sitting room with TV, king sized Select Comfort mattress, private jacuzzi tub, private steam shower, private bath and private deck overlooking the water.

Why Choose Saltery Lodge


Saltery Lodge allows you to experience an Alaska honeymoon in outstanding luxurious style – everything from fishing in their fishing vessels, to bear watching right from the dining room window. Or go tour the shops and excursions in Ketchikan itself, marking your Alaska honeymoon with a special piece of Jewelry at one of the many jewelry stores in town. After a day of exploring, fishing or touring, sit by the fire and watch the sunset together, giving you an Alaska honeymoon you are sure to remember.

Accommodations at Saltery Lodge


Saltery Lodge is a spacious 4,500 square foot Alaska luxury lodge featuring four complete levels. Just recently completed, this lodge has the latest in accommodation comforts which easily accommodates eight guests comfortably. There are three guest rooms in addition to a large master suite that are available to you in this Alaska luxury lodge. The feel of the interior lodge is described as a “rustic elegance” with hard wood rustic floors mixed with high end furnishings mixed with turn of the century antiques and pictures. Each guestroom features its own unique theme and come with a private bathroom.

Dining at Saltery Lodge


Imagine having your own private chef during your Alaska Honeymoon. The chef at Saltery Lodge is a master in the kitchen and is sure to leave you with some memorable dishes for years to come. You will be contacted prior to your stay to discuss a personalized menu that is catered just for you.

You also have the option of eating inside the main dining room, outside or even going on a dinner cruise on their 40′ catamaran.

Activities at Saltery Lodge


One of the great things about Saltery Lodge is the abundant wildlife just outside the window. This is because the lodge is located right on the beach, so seeing marine mammals such as seals are a daily occurrence. And seeing dolphins and whales are not uncommon. The other reason is because there is a salmon stream on the beach right next to the lodge. Over thousands of years, the stream has created a large “flats” which is acres and acres of beach when the tide is out. This attracts seagulls (in the hundreds), cranes, bald eagles, and other birds which feed off the flats.

The salmon of course attract the bears, and some years it is a daily occurrence to see bears on the beach in the open. Other times, just a walk on the beach will flush previously unseen bears from the tall grass.


Photos of Saltery Lodge

Address: 407 Knudson Cove Rd N., Ketchikan, AK 99901

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