Honeymoon in Germany at the Wartburg Hotel

The Wartburg Hotel provides a sophisticated ambience of comfort and exclusivity in an environment to make the guests feel comfortable. The hotel is extremely convenient to shopping and restaurants. The main shopping area is only 2 blocks away and most of the tourist locations are neaby as well.

Why Choose Wartburg Hotel


Far from the restlessness and constrictions of city life, surrounded by forest sits the Wartburg Hotel. The architecture is unmistakable and the surroundings speak to all five senses. Be rest assured that the Wartburg Hotel has retained its friendly hospitality since the times of the first pilgrims that knocked on its doors.

Accommodations at Wartburg Hotel


Thirty-seven individual hotel rooms will capture you and never let go. Woven in time while still capturing all the modern day comforts. Enjoy a glass of wine while experiencing the beautiful sunset before lighting a fire. Drift away into slumber in your comfortable room only to be woken up by the birds chirpingLet your soul relax surrounded by nature.

Dining at Wartburg Hotel


Enjoy homemade Thuringian specialties such as bratwurst and real Thuringian dumplings all made by hand. The chef here at the Wartburg Hotel keeps tru to tradition and Thuringian cuisine. In the “Landgrafenstube” treat yourself to quality countryside cuisine delivered with professional service. Rounding out the atmosphere is a well-stocked wine cellar, housing many rarities as well as the classics.

Activities at Wartburg Hotel


The Wartburg Hotel offers a complete cultural program. Wartburg is famous not only for being the place of the Martin Luther translation of the New Testament but also as being the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach. Enjoy the many facets of this area including concerts, lectures, readings, a classic Old Town Tour or a thematic visit in historical garb.


Photos of Wartburg Hotel

Address: Auf der Wartburg 99817 Eisenach, Germany 03691

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