Honeymoon in Jamaica at Geejam Hotel

While blending all the creature comforts of home, it's very much a portal into authentic Jamaican culture. Nestled in the heart of the bush, this Island Outpost property's newly appointed seven double rooms, consist of three deluxe cabins, one suite, and a self-contained three-bedroom villa. Also included are a state of the art Recording Studio, Healing Spa, Swimming Pool (Sanwood only), Gym and Bushbar, forming an exclusive universe within the natural beauty of the grounds.

Why Choose Geejam Hotel


Nominated by the Jamaican press as one of the “top ten most fascinating places to hang out,” the Bushbar follows the overall Geejam mantra of a grassroots approach to relaxation, restoration and reinvention. Achieving a stylish equilibrium between ultra modern technology and the intrinsic grace of the natural island landscape makes this the Geejam hotel in Jamaica a signature trademark.

Located on six acres of lush San San Estate, the property extends from the foothills of the John Crow and Blue Mountain chains to the Caribbean waterfront, thereby connecting a palette of greens to vibrant hues of blue and turquoise.

Accommodations at Geejam Hotel


A well-proportioned mix of upscale interiors matched with the intrinsic beauty of the natural environment enlivens the senses. The treated wood decks, palm tree-lined stone paths and groves of avocado, breadfruit, sour sop, cashew nut, plum apple and star fruit trees combine to create a Caribbean Garden of Eden in the womb of a tropical paradise. The centerpiece, which also serves as the foundational structure of the Bushbar, is composed of two three hundred year-old fig trees whose majestic sweep add a sublime scale to the already awesome indigenous landscape.

Dining at Geejam Hotel


Meals are served in the lushly exquisite Bushbar, complete with an ambient sound system, outdoor pool table and a forest-to-ocean view that expands the boundaries of even the most vivid imagination.

The Bushbar features savory Jamaican and Asian-influenced dishes, which add a level of transcultural flair to the already globally infused kitchen

Activities at Geejam Hotel



The town of Port Antonio is a lush cornucopia of local culture nestled in a relaxed coastal setting.

Book a session at the dive shop located at the Errol Flynn Marina in the historic quarter of Titchfield – the Flynn marina was named in memory of the iconic “swashbuckling” film star who called Port Antonio home during the town’s fashionable renaissance in the 1960s – and then indulge in an afternoon ice-cream along the boardwalk.

Sampling the fresh catch of the day at one of the local outposts at the fishing village situated along Folly Road is the perfect union of food meets folklore. There’s also a Craft Market, Art Gallery, Supermarkets and Commercial Center catering to both necessity and whim.


An evening’s dining can be arranged at one of the local restaurants, including the Italian owned San San Tropez or Norma’s at the marina, which specializes in contemporary Jamaican fare.

A sunset promenade down the market street or Harbour Street is always a great infusion for the senses. In addition there are local sound-systems, Ska bars and nightclubs should you wish to sample the town after dark.

Port Antonio prides itself on its history, culture and the natural beauty of its environment. Thanks to its off-the-beaten-path location and word-of-mouth recommendation, the town is a welcome diversion from the traditional tourist destination.


Photos of Geejam Hotel

Address: San San, Port Antonio, Jamaica

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