Say I Love You (And More) in Spanish

Say I Love You (And More) in Spanish

Just imagine… you’re strolling alone a pristine white sandy beach in gorgeous Riviera Maya at sunset. You’re holding hands with the person you love more than anyone else or anything else in the world. At just the right moment, you lean over and coo… Te amaré por siempre. I will love you forever, in Spanish.

How romantic is that?

How to Say I Love You (And More) in Spanish

I love you forever- Te amaré por siempre

I love you- Te amo

I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow- Cada día te quiero más que ayer y menos que mañana

To fall in love with you-  Me enamore de ti

With love, (As in the end of a letter)-­  Con amor

With affection, (Also at the end of a letter)- Con cariño

Sweetheart- Amado
Lover- Amante

I can’t imagine my life without you- No me puedo imaginar mi vida sin ti

Looking at you make my hearth bit faster- Al mirarte mi corazón late más rápido

You take my breath away-  Me dejas sin aliento

A second with you feels like a life time- Un minuto a tu lado se siente como toda una vida

You are sexy- Tu eres muy sensual

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