Stunning Cozumel, Mexico

Stunning Cozumel, Mexico

Just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, lies the Caribbean island of Cozumel, Mexico. Often described as the island with a Mexican heart and Caribbean soul, Cozumel draws travelers of all kinds, from cruise ship passengers to diving experts to history and nature buffs. Of course, it also draws those looking for simple relaxation in one of the world’s most beautiful spots.

San Miguel, Cozumel’s only town, offers a variety of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and shops selling souvenirs and traditional Mayan crafts. Take a leisurely seaside stroll along The charming malecón (boardwalk), full of sculptures and monuments, offers the perfect romantic seaside stroll. Despite being the main tourist destination of Cozumel, San Miguel posses sense of laid-back tranquility.

Cozumel is also globally renowned for the  incredible snorkeling and diving in a remarkably clear sea. The island is sprinkled with accessible sites for underwater exploration over one of the world’s largest reef systems that teems with tropical fish and marine life, perfect for either the pro-diver or first-timer.

If you’d prefer to escape the tourist areas, no worries, because on this small 48-km (30-mile) by 16-km (10-mile) island, roughly only six percent is actually developed, leaving a jungle-like interior and deserted beaches for rest and relaxation. Although it’s only 35 minutes from the Riviera Maya mainland, Cozumel provides blissful isolation if you wish.

Whether you’re in search of extreme adventures, peaceful beach time, or a romantic getaway, Cozumel is your ideal vacation island.

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