5 Things to-do at the Tahéima Wellness Resort and Spa

5 Things to-do at the Tahéima Wellness Resort and Spa

Here’s 5 Things to-do at the Tahéima Wellness Resort and Spa

Beach Club

Access to the exclusive Beach Club is through the Resorts private shuttle service which is a four minute cruise. The benefit of being in the Beach Club gives you access to such amenities as the Beach Club pool, the Beach Club restaurant bar with poolside lounge chairs and Palapas as well as many healthy snacks and refreshments.


Learning Centre

The Learning Centre officers many informative programs and services. These programs will teach you about the Longevity medicine.  Also, discover the many amazing benefits of antioxidants and their miraculous effects. The Learning Centre also features the world class spa that offers such great services as massage therapy and fitness facilities

Yoga Salon

Sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth, take part in this mantras utilizing YOGA with the resort’s expert instructor, Adriana Robin. Yoga will definitely be a memorable experience that will have you exiting the class feeling refreshed and relaxed.


On-Site Gym

This resort’s fitness center features all the equipment that is required for rather a quick exercise session or a specific bodybuilding requirement. The staff of this fitness centre is ready to provide you with any advice for nutrition or any other health tips


Ensure you participate in this practice which has been offered for thousands of years as a form of natural therapy and spa. If you are unfamiliar with Temazcal, it is an aromatized vapor very particular to native Mesoamerican cultures like the native Huicol people of this region. This practice is perfect for meditation. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you after you experience this revitalizing ritual.




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