Are Free Weddings at Resorts Really Free?

Are Free Weddings at Resorts Really Free?

We suggest reading the small print on the free wedding promotions that you might find. Some hotels might require the purchase of a specific number of nights or type of room or will charge excessive prices for optional items to customize your ceremony and reception. In other words, the hotel that offers the free wedding might not end up being the best value. Make sure you compare other options on our list of hotels at the destination of your choice.

If you plan on inviting guests to your wedding, the price for the travel arrangements should be a priority in order to make it affordable for them. You might save some money on a free wedding package, but you might also be making it too expensive for your guests to attend.

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons will give you all options so that you make the right decision that best suits your situation.

We provide the following wedding services:

  • General wedding information for any location in Mexico.
  • Free wedding package inclusions, prices and optional services.
  • Free wedding requirements for civil and religious weddings.
  • Reserve wedding dates at any hotel or location in Mexico.
  • Coordinate all the details of the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Obtain the lowest price for travel arrangements for you and your guests departing from multiple cities anywhere in the United States.
  • Support negotiating reception prices with hotels or other vendors in Mexico.
  • Ground transportation to any location in Mexico.
  • Planning special events before and after the wedding ceremony anywhere in Mexico.
  • Planning of your honeymoon.

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